Strategy & Consulting

The importance of Marketing is never in question, it's the "How", "When", "Where" and "What" that gets business owners overwhelmed. 

Laying out your strategy with the help of a Marketing Professional will no doubt get your business on track. The positive results that a well laid out plan will give your business does not come from cutting corners. 

I want to work with you on defining a road map to raise sales that exceeds your goals! 

I always suggest we start with a 360° Marketing Analysis. This document is yours to keep, to either implement within your current Marketing Team or hire Jolanda Logan to execute. 

The value of this service will pay for itself almost immediately, guaranteed. 


Branding & Design



We can build your brand to consistency! It's time to be undoubtedly recognizable to your customers, both loyal and prospective. A hex code, font and logo Style Guide is the only way to get your brand looking like YOUR BRAND. This is a document customized by your own brand, story, culture, etc. with a set of guidelines you and your team will stay true to.

I suggest this service as a foundation of successful marketing. How will people know it's YOU when every ad, promotion, brochure, etc. look, even a little bit, different? 

Let's officially define your business for best results! 

Email Marketing & Customer Relationship Management
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The power of a great Email Marketing Strategy is not to be underestimated! Keep your customers, both loyal and prospective, engaged and up to date with what you're up to. 

Let's build your contact list through the roof, with initiatives customized for your business, to start by introducing your Brand Identity to the community. 

Internal Marketing is important but it's the outreach that builds sales! Launching an Email Marketing Campaign or utilizing a CRM without a Marketing Professional could do more harm than good.

Who wouldn't want to get their business in front of as many targeted people as possible?!


Brand Asset Design
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Every business needs a logo, website, signage, etc. Whether or not you have all of these items in place, the need for special promotions comes up often and should be designed authentically for your brand. 

Let's promote your highest ROI items to the public! I have been cultivating vendor relationships for years and will, no doubt, be able to stretch your budget to print the assets I also design for you.

Professional Services

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Your identity matters, whether or not you also represent a company. Professionals of any age should consider customizing business cards, online portfolio / website, letterhead and more to brand themselves with assets. 

Make connections and build relationships as yourself!

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